"Why didn't I find him to represent me in the first place?"

Steve Sherick is the exact attorney you hope for when you find yourself in need of legal services. If it is your first time in need of a lawyer you are probably scrolling the internet, asking friends, and sorting through mixed reviews. I've had a lot of lawyers and Steve Sherick is a standout. Steve represented me in the last lap of a very high stakes and high profile criminal case. After our first meeting all I could think was "Why didn't I find him to represent me in the first place?" I knew in that moment, things would have gone differently if he had been representing me from the gate. Steve is smart, fair, creative and to the point. I was admittedly a difficult client in many ways. Steve made me look in the mirror and at the facts, so together we could do what was best for me in the long run. When your freedom or finances are at stake its hard to think clearly for yourself. Steve will think for you and ensure the decisions you make are the one's in your ultimate best interest. Steve was also kind and communicative to my family. This is a part of "lawyering" that may seem insignificant but makes a huge difference. Since the conclusion of my case, whenever I need a document from my file or have a question, Steve and his staff don't hesitate to provide me what I needed quickly. Steve Shericks "after care" is just another thing that sets him apart. I truly can not recommend Steve enough. By the end of my case, I came to think of him as a friend. He's just a GOOD lawyer that defies the industry's stereotypes. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Steve.

– Kumari Fulbright

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