"Commanding presence, good humor and integrity"

It is with great sincerity that I offer the following recommendation of Mr. Steve Sherick, Attorney at Law. It is my belief that there are three core qualities that an attorney must possess in order to ensure the highest possibility of a successful outcome for their client. Steve Sherick possesses these characteristics in abundance. First, a depth of understanding of the law. Steve has consistently proven his legal talent, both in my personal interactions, as well as in those of his peers, based on his recognition within Arizona legal circles. His firm command of the technical aspects of law, and ability to translate those complex legal issues into relatable layman’s terms for my (and a jury’s) benefit is outstanding. Second, a skill in applying the “spirit of the law” to the case at hand. I have always felt that Steve has truly understood my needs as a client, as well as the nuances of my case. I believe that he has skillfully crafted a defense that honors the legal issues in the case, as well as my needs as a client. A legal robot, he is not. Lastly, but certainly not least, is the quality of their character and the level of integrity to which they subscribe. Steve has always demonstrated a true commitment to the highest standards of ethical and fair behavior. He was, in fact, the only attorney that my family spoke to who put me first, and not his potential financial gain as a new client. In conclusion, as a prospective client of Steve’s, I would highly recommend that you take the time and sit down with him. His soft but commanding presence, good humor and integrity will speak volumes more than I can, and will convince you personally that this is the man that you want to have by your side during those truly trying times. I feel confident that you will be as pleased as I have been.
– Michael D.

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