Medical Marijuana

In November 2010, voters passed the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, which established specific rules and guidelines regarding the use of medical marijuana in Arizona. If a medical marijuana card has been properly issued to you, it is legal to use or grow certain designated quantities of marijuana. The possession, use and cultivation of marijuana, however, are still illegal under federal law.

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Protecting Your Civil Rights

The ambiguity in the law has given rise to many legal disputes between local law enforcement and medical marijuana users, growers, collectives and dispensaries.

Many of our clients have been wrongfully targeted and arrested on marijuana charges that were based on law enforcement's incorrect interpretation of what is allowed and what is prohibited under the medical marijuana statute. Some of our clients have even had their commercial property, grow equipment and homes seized and forfeited to the government under the guise that these items facilitated the commission of a criminal drug offense.

At Sherick Law PC, we are committed to protecting our clients' civil right to use medical marijuana within the confines of the law. With more than 40 years of combined experience, our accomplished lawyers provide trustworthy advice and skilled representation to medical marijuana users, growers, collectives and dispensaries facing drug charges or forfeiture proceedings. We can help you understand your rights, navigate the legal system and find the best possible resolution to your case.

Arizona Lawyers Defending Medical Marijuana Prosecutions And Forfeiture

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