Student Code of Conduct Violations

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If a university or college student is arrested or cited for a crime, the university's dean of students is often notified and begins his or her own investigation into whether the student violated the university's student code of conduct.

Universities can investigate and enforce violations of the code regardless of whether the alleged crime was committed on or off campus. A confirmed violation could result in consequences ranging from probation and community service to forced dismissal from the student dorms, suspension or expulsion.

If your child faces potential discipline for an alleged violation of the student code of conduct at the University of Arizona or Pima College, do not try to handle it on your own.

With more than 40 years of combined experience, the attorneys of Sherick Law PC have represented the rights and interests of numerous university and college students facing both criminal charges and university discipline. We can protect your child's future and help him or her get through this difficult time with the best possible outcome.

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Protecting The Rights Of University And College Students

Notification Of A Potential Violation

When the university becomes aware that a student has been cited or charged with a crime, the assistant dean of students will inform the student of the potential violation of the student code of conduct and begin a fact-finding inquiry.

The Fact-Finding Inquiry

The fact-finding inquiry involves gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses to determine whether the student's behavior constituted a violation of the code of conduct. As your child's attorneys, we can assist during the fact-finding inquiry by presenting the assistant dean with evidence, witnesses and mitigating circumstances that may influence whether a violation is found and the severity of the potential penalties.

Potential Penalties

In relatively minor cases involving underage drinking or minor drug offenses, potential consequences for a student code of conduct violation usually include formal reprimand, probation or community service. In more serious cases involving violent crimes such as sexual assault, penalties could include dismissal from the student dorms, school suspension or expulsion.

The Rights Of The Student

If the assistant dean recommends suspension or expulsion, the student has a right to appeal the university's decision to a hearing board.

How We Can Help

Our firm is frequently retained to assist students and their parents in navigating the university investigation and discipline process. We help students gather evidence and witness testimony to refute accusations by the university. We also help students appeal university decisions, and we represent their interests in front of the hearing board.

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